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About APT Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Our Beginning:

APT Metal Fabricators, Inc. began in 1975 by Dennis D. Vigo as a family inspired, owned, and operated business. Today, APT is still proudly operated on this philosophy and fully understands that you (our customer) are the most important person in the room.

Our Culture:

APT's primary role is to be an extension of your business. We approach every job with the same intensity, scrutiny, and diligence as if it were our own. By seeing you as a "partner" that we want to succeed, we're able to eliminate the mental obstacles that could stand between you, us, and the market place. Working together as transparently as possible allows us to deliver your product on time, the first time; and right on budget!

Dennis Vigo

President: Dennis M. Vigo

Dennis was raised in the metal stamping, metal fabrication, and mechanical assembly industry. Being the son of founder Dennis D. Vigo, Dennis was raised with the values of honesty; integrity, loyalty, and the commitment to "do the right thing" that have been instrumental in APT's success. Learning first hand that his success depends on the success he brings to others, Dennis's commitment to putting customers first has been a direct reflection of his ability and desire to be "on the level" with customers.

As a great leader of a dedicated team, Dennis has inspired those around him to achieve their best which has lead to a recent expansion of their production facility which now measures more than 30,000 square feet. His unquenchable thirst to achieve greatness for his company and his customers has and will continue to support APT's three decades of service in their area of expertise.

Tom Chindlund

Plant Manager: Tom Chindlund

Tom has 40 years in the metal fabricating business, 18 of them with his own company. He comes to APT Metal Fabricators with a focus on QPOT, "Qulity Parts On Time!" His knowledge of manufacturing these products adds value to the company from the engineering (blueprint) phase to the manufacturing phase to the final product (from concept to completion). Tom's goal for APT is from a sales and engineering point of view – to interface with the clients, to lower manufacturing costs, and to make the items manufacturable.

Greg Monteleone

Customer Service: Monica Guiterrez

Customer service in the metal stamping industry can sometimes be rough and tumble. APT Metal Fabricators, Inc. on the other hand is proud to employ top quality people in all areas. Monica leads our reception and customer service departments and her first hand experience allows her to be a superior resource to both existing and new customers.

The APT Team

APT Group - all staff

With more that 30 people waiting to serve you, APT Metal Fabricators, Inc. is prepared to meet and exceed your expectations in the Metal Stamping, Metal Fabrication, and Mechanical Assembly fields!

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