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Aluminum Stamping

Copper Stamping | Brass Stamping

Aluminum Stamping

Aluminum stamping is the process of forming a light, strong, and extremely flexible metallic chemical element that resists corrosion and is used in a wide range of products.


Stainless Steel StampingAluminum stamping is commonly chosen for projects where weight must be accounted for without sacrificing strength. Aluminum metal stamping is one of the most common metal stamping processes used today due to its weight, strength, and resistant to corrosion and staining. APT Metal Fabricators, Inc. has extensive aluminum stamping experience with many grades of aluminum.

Our aluminum stamping components have been used in many interior and exterior applications. We purchase all our aluminum for reputable suppliers with dependable track records for quality and inspect all aluminum stamping production runs in house and at pre-determined intervals to insure quality.

APT’s aluminum stamping experience extends to products that are very tiny to very large, and we maintain repeatable accuracy for your parts. Our aluminum stamping capabilities include blanking, piercing, forming, and drawing of aluminum parts.

Copper Stamping

Copper metal stamping is commonly associated with parts used in the electrical power distribution industry. Because copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, it is often the core material used for buss bar and electrical panel components.

Brass Stamping

Brass is and alloy made of zinc and copper which gives it the corrosion resistance and strength to make it an ideal choice for marine and other outdoor applications. Also, due to its low friction, brass is ideal for components commonly used in gears, ammunition, bearings, locks, doorknobs, and plumbing fixtures. Brass is readily available making it a suitable selection for many stamping operations.