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CNC Turret Punch Press

CNC Turret Punch Press

At the core of APT Metal Fabricators capability is a process referred to as CNC Turret Punching. With very few limitations, your complex parts can be produced with relatively high accuracy and repeatability. CNC Turret Punching accomplishes custom shapes by selectively removing material from sheet metal blanks. These blanks are secured to the machine bed (or table) which will move to as many positions in the X-Y axis as its programmed to do.

Once programmed and fully set up, the CNC Turret Punching machine will produce the desired pre-programmed shapes by automatically selecting and changing the appropriate tooling and for each feature. Furthermore, the CNC Turret Punching machine's ability to hold numerous tools allows a process that would normally take multiple secondary operations to all be performed in a single cycle; thus providing for increased accuracy, repeatability, lower overall cost, and decreased production time.

A few of the many features that a CNC Turret Punching press offers are:

  • Can be used for punching most metal materials
  • High productivity while maintaining low production cost
  • Can produce a variety of features without new tooling, or re-tooling
  • Very accurate and repeatable for production jobs

Because we're mindful of your bottom-line, APT Metal Fabricators employs experienced programmers and a seasoned staff; thus, you can count on cost savings from the onset of your production or prototype runs. Offline programming and debugging are essential to our speedy changeover process. Serving you with our streamlined in-house systems and processes, you can be assured that your investment of both time and money will be well placed when utilizing our CNC Turret Punching machines.