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Used together, our core capabilities are designed to provide you with a turnkey solution for all your Metal Stamping, Metal Fabrication, and Mechanical Assembly needs.


Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Machine

APT Metal Fabricators is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new 4500W Mitsubishi CO2 Laser Cutting System with dual pallet capabillity. This state of the art technology now allows APT fo further serve your metal fabrication needs. With a thickness capacity of 1" steel, 1/2" stainless steel and 3/8" aluminum, all yuour metal fabrication requirements can be met in one single source.

Metal Stampings

Metal Stamping

You probably expect your metal stamping projects to be “fire and forget” that’s our commitment to you. Our seasoned staff will work with you to develop a plan that fits both your budget and delivery requirements. Once a solid plan has been developed, you can rest with confidence that your product will be produced to specification.

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Your metal fabrication needs may have limited and/or complex requirements; we will server you be accommodating both. Our full line of metal fabrication equipment which includes but is not limited to multiple turret punches, hydraulic brakes, and spot welding machines, empowers us to deliver your product fully fabricated with experience and expertise. Whether your product is required to be bulk shipped back to you after fabrication or individually packaged and shipped to your end user, APT Metal Fabricators, Inc. has a program to serve your needs.

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

Long gone is the day of cost prohibitive mechanical assembly. If you have projects that require multiple parts to be combined for one finished product, then it’s time to look atour mechanical assemble process. Mechanical assembly is your final stage of preparing you product for shipment. Save time, money, and stress by allowing us to fully assemble your product prior to shipment.