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Inspection & Calibration

Inspection Table

Our Quality System

APT's quality system is in accordance with MIL-I-45208A and in compliance with SAE AS9000.

Your overall satisfaction as our customer will be determined by many factors; however, none will weigh heavier than the quality standards your company expects and demands. Therefore, when it comes to quality, our objective has always been and will continue to be to exceed your quality standards.

We will achieve this through our 100% commitment to continuous improvement, in-house feedback and assessment (by our production team and management), and the "quality culture" we instill daily. Adherence to high quality standards is not part of what we do; they’re at the core of who we are!

This specification establishes requirements for contractor inspection systems. These requirements pertain to the inspections and tests necessary to substantiate product conformance to drawings, specifications, and contract requirements and to all inspection and tests required by the contract. These requirements are in addition to those inspections and tests set forth in applicable specifications and other contractual documents. Read entire inspection system guide . . .

Calibration System

A solid quality control system is only as good as it’s method of calibration. That’s why APT's calibration system is in accordance with MIL-S-45662A and in compliance with ISO 10012-1 part 1.