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Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a value added service that will assist you in completing your projects in fewer steps with less money. By combining processes such as cutting, stamping, forming, machining, welding, and assembly, you can rest assure that your metal fabrication projects are handled from cradle to grave with the same quality and attention to detail as each individual components that make up the assembly.

Metal fabrication projects range from intricate tig welding to less intricate welding such as mig (wire feed welding). The use of our on site welding and fabrication shop allows your projects to be completed more efficiently, economically, and completely – the first time. Some of the common steps in a metal fabrication process are:

Shear Machine

Metal Cutting / Punching

The most common process used at Apt Metal Fabricators, Inc. for cutting metal stock to a specific size is the process of shearing. Shearing is an efficient process (commonly used with sheet metal) which quickly and economically sizes a "blank" and is normally one of the first operations in a metal fabrication process. Additional features may be added to blanks by metal presses prior to the forming stage.

Metal Forming

Metal Forming

Forming is the process by which a metal blank (described in metal cutting above) is manipulated to a desired, pre-determined shape and configuration. Metal forming adds significant flexibility to metal components by allowing an almost unlimited number of applications. Metal forming allows a single blank to be manipulated so that one piece of metal can complete a part that would have otherwise needed multiple pieces – not to mention unnecessary fabrication.


Welding is at the heart of metal fabrication. Components are normally laid out (sometimes in a fixture) and tack welded together. Once accuracy and initial quality standards are met; the welding operation will be completed based on a pre-determined process that is designed to prevent unwanted warping or unnecessary heat damage. Stitch or staggered welding is commonly used with heavier mig welding processes. Stitch welding compensates for the tendency metal has to "draw" and warp while being welded.


Final Assembly / Packaging

Once cutting, stamping, forming, machining, and/or welding is complete, parts will be assembled (if necessary) and can be sand blasted (if required) and finished to you specifications. Painting, plating, powder coating, or other unique processes can be handled by Apt Metal Fabricators prior to packaging your parts. Shipping will be accomplished by bulk or individual packaging - all based on your needs and desires!