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Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping is the method by which metal sheets and/or coil steel (of many different types and grades) are indexed through a press where they are cut, punched, pierced, formed, or otherwise manipulated to produce complete or almost complete parts. Metal stamping is generally used for high production parts while maintaining an emphasis on low manufacturing cost.

Progressive Metal Stamping

Progressive Metal Stamping is a process used to accomplish several metal stamping procedures with the least amount of handling. This type of metal stamping utilizes coil stock that is fed from one end of the press by which it “progresses” through multiple stages. Each stage of the metal stamping process adds an additional unique feature resulting in a complete stamping that is sheered of and ready for finishing operations.

Secondary Metal Stamping

Secondary metal stamping is commonly used when multiple features are required on one part and the quantity is too low to warrant capital investment into progressive tooling or other automation.. Secondary metal stamping is commonly used for piercing, drawing, blanking, forming, insertion, and lancing. APT can also provide deburring, welding, painting, and plating to complete your production parts. While secondary metal stamping processes do save on tooling cost; it will generally increase labor.

Bending and Forming

Another value added process critical to some metal stamping processes is that of bending and forming. Bending and forming are similar to secondary metal stamping in that they are processes performed after the main metal stamping is complete. This allows parts that have completed the metal stamping process to be manipulated into the proper shape prior to leaving our facility.