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Steel Metal Stamping

What is Steel Metal Stamping?

Steel metal stamping is the process of forming a dense, extremely strong, but less flexible iron to which between 0.02 to 1.7% carbon has been added.


Metal Stamping PressSteel metal stamping is probably the most common process chosen for projects where weight and corrosion are not a concern and strength is required. Steel metal stamping is at the top of the list for common metal stamping processes used today due to its economical component, availability, and strength,. APT Metal Fabricators, Inc. has extensive steel metal stamping experience with virtually every type of steel material.

Our steel metal stamping components have been used in XYZ, XYZ, XYZ industries. We purchase all our steel for reputable suppliers with dependable track records for quality and inspect all steel metal stamping production runs in house and pre-determined intervals to insure quality. Secondary operations such as deburring, painting, and assembly are very common with steel metal stamping components.

APT’s steel metal stamping experience includes simple to complex, small to large, and we maintain repeatable accuracy for you parts. Our steel metal stamping capabilities include blanking, piercing, forming, and drawing of steel parts.

Whether your steel metal stamping production calls for coil fed steel or steel blanks, APT Metal Fabricators, Inc. has the experience and ability to produce your product in the most economical way without sacrificing quality or delaying delivery.